Pamper Yourself!!
Hands and Nails. Your hands will be visible in most of your photos, so you want them to look good. Consider getting a manicure. When choosing a colour, it's important that it matches your lingerie and any other outfits you might use on the day. Because of this I always recommend either French tip as its timeless or a pale pink. But if you're going for a strong passionate look a classic red will surely set you on fire!
Your nail polish should match your toes. This is a great time for that pedicure you've been dying to have done! I say any excuse is a good excuse to have my tootsies pampered! Make sure your feet are also clean on the bottom, not only does this keep my backdrops clean and protected, there’s also nothing worse than having beautiful photos taken with dirty feet. 
Look after your skin. Stay well hydrated to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh. If you're using a makeup artist, make sure you speak to them about preparing your skin for them. Some prefer you to have a clean dry face and others like you to put your lotion on before you come to them. Facials should be done several days prior to your shoot in case of blemishes and redness.
Shaving or Waxing. If you're waxing, make sure you have it done at least 3 to 5 days prior to your photoshoot. Shaving can be done the morning or night before your shoot. Make sure you pay attention to your underarms, bikini line and legs. 
What to wear to your shoot. Loose and comfortable. We don't want any lines left on your skin. Same goes for socks. Go sock free for the day. some loose thongs are also a great option.
Tans. Please don’t get a fake tan. My Photography style is to warm up your photos. If your tan isn't perfectly even it can take me a lot longer to edit your photos and, in some instances, may require an editing fee. If you want to have a natural sun kissed look just let me know and I will ensure when editing to give you that look without all the chemicals or harsh sun.  
Hair. I recommend a trim a week before your shoot if you need one. Otherwise wash your hair the morning or night before. If you have hard to manage hair you can use a volumizing mousse when blowing drying your hair. Don't use hair spray as it stops your hair from moving naturally. Its better if we are able to change your hair style a little with each outfit change. hairspray won’t allow us to do that.
Accessories. Bring your favourite pieces. If you have some gorgeous heels don’t forget to pack them and make sure they’re nice and clean.
Elise’s Lingerie Recommendations:
If you’ve never been fitted properly for a bra this is a great time to do it. So many of us are walking around in ill-fitting underwear. You want something that will flatter your shape. Make sure you wear something that fits you correctly. You don’t want any muffins tops or underwear that cuts in. If you have some areas that you want hidden, and we ALL have them. Make sure to discuss that with me prior to the shoot. Make sure you also tell me all the parts you want to show off.
Check your outfits for tags and cut them ALL off. We don’t want them showing or making odd shapes in your clothes. Keep all your outfits wrinkle free and bring them on separate hangers. 
A two-piece set of black, white and/or red lingerie bra and underpants.
A body suit, teddy and/or properly fitted slip
Garter belt and stockings are a nice addition
Of course, something makes you feel beautiful and sexy.
Stay away from: Stripes, busy patterns, neon colours and anything too busy.
I also have a wide range of items in different sizes and colours that you are able to use on the day. This is included in your session. Underpants however are not provided due to health and safety reasons.
Importantly, don’t feel like you need to spend a whole lot of extra money being pampered and on lingerie. If you’re on a budget pamper yourself at home. Shop at places like Bras and Things, BigW and Kmart. Shein has a huge range, and the quality is very good. Just allow yourself time for the postie to drop everything off in time.
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